Don’t leave leaves behind!

Another day with another enrichment. One moment when the caretakers gave the orangutans grassbol enrichment. This is a kind of food-based enrichments that we hide pieces of fruit inside the ball form of grass and leaves. After the orangutans got their fruit, they let many leaves and grass scattered on the enclosure floor. Some of them just played with the leaves but Victoria collected it and brought it up to a hammock.

After got enough leaves, she made a simple rest nest and took a rest for a while. So don’t leaveleaves behind!

Not only a very active orangutan, Victoria is also the smartest among the other babies. When caretakers gave babies the hanging fruit enrichment, Victoria became the first who could got the fruit. She is also the first baby who use stick to take fruit while the others just see her problem solving to get food. She also became ‘a teacher’ to babies who learned and imitated her way to get fruit by using wooden stick. Excellent!

Victoria in a hammock made out of old fire hose
Victoria in a hammock made out of old fire hose


Green with envy

All babies orangutan get their milk twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. When one of the caretakers gave all babies a bottle of milk, Jacq sat down besides the caretaker while drinking his milk. The caretaker gently stroked his head. Victoria saw this happening, came closer to thecaretaker, pulled the caretaker’s hand and put the hand on her head, means she also wanted to get padded by the caretakers.

In the wild, baby orangutans get nurtured by their mother till they are around 6 to 8 years old. Because all the baby orangutans in SOC are orphans, the caretakers have an important role to fulfil as their surrogate mothers which is not only about feeding and teaching but also giving them the love and care a real mother would have given them if they were still here.