Practicing makes you perfect..

Enrichment takes on many different form for the orangutan needs. The goal of enrichment is to stimulate their natural

instinct and live the same quality of life they could get in their natural environtment. Enrichment activities not only for entertain the orangutans but make them think, solve problem and work the same ways they would do in the wild.One day, the orangutans were given food in a bottle enrichment by the caretakers. For bigger and stronger orangutans it was easy to break the bottles out to get the fruit but for the babies it takes lot of effort and time. Mona, one of the babies, still does not know how to break the plastic bottle. When she got her enrichment she just kept trying to take the fruit out by her finger through the bottle mouth. For a moment she looked to the others and saw how Selly cleverly could get the fruit out of the bottle by crushing her bottle. Then she tried the way Selly did it and finally got her food little by little. Keep learning, Mona!

Text provided by Sintang Orangutan Center, ®


Invitation refused...

Enrichment time,

During orangutans time in the rescue center, everyday caretakers give them different enrichments to stimulate their skills to solve problems to get foods. For some orangutans, it is just a piece of cake to do it but for some it gives them challenges and takes more time to solve.

One day when the caretakers give all the orangutans food in the bottle enrichment, Aming slowly got food bit by bit. He looked put all of his attention to accomplish his job. Knowing Aming was still busy with his enrichment, Mona who finished with the enrichment, came to him to invite him toplay. This time, Aming didn’t receive Mona’s invitation. Mona who still wanted to play with Amingsuddently grabbed Aming. Naughty Mona, after took Aming’s bottle, she then hit Aming once who didn’t respond her playing invitation and left Aming and his bottle alone.

Probably Mona just wanted to help Aming to solve his enrichment problem at that time but Aming seemed just want to solve on his own.