watch out - here the first three go back to where they belong

short update cemong and jojo in betung kerihun


Jojo is one of the three orangutans that graduated from forest school at SOC and now has been released in Betung Kerihun National Park. There, Jojo and Cemong were always close together.

It was a touching moment to see her starting to climb trees, exploring the woods, finding and eating forest fruits. One night at the beginning of the release night, Jojo heard Cemong crying a little, afraid to sleep alone in the release forest. Jojo then let Cemong sleeping in her nest. Both of them went further and deeper in the release forest and continued to go higher and further again. They reached about 800 meters above sea level.

From the evaluation of the data analysis from the data the monitoring team had collected, we saw that regarding to their foraging skills the orangutans ate around 97 kinds of forest food all together (Jojo ate 49 kinds, Cemong ate 40 kinds, Juvi ate 70 kinds). In forest school we have only counted 87 of forest food. The forest in forest school is a lot less rich, but rich enough to learn enough species.

Wonderful to see Jojo instinct is so well developed and to see she knows much more which shows she adapted well in her new home.

Text and pictures: ®Sintang Orang Utan Center

And the next three candidates are ready for protected freedom

Text from the Sintang team:

We have released 3 more orangutans back into the wild!

On the 19th of April Bembi, Joy and Molly got released in Betung Kerihun national park, which is over 800.000 hectares of pristine rainforest.

Within not time they managed to find all sorts of food in their new home and Molly couldn´t get enough of making various nests along the day.

At the end of the day heavy rain was pooring down the sky till the orangutans as well as the monitoring team were soaking wet. Through the many raindrops the monitoring team still managed to see all three of them making a nest up in the trees, close together and not far from the release site.  Bembi customized one of Molly´s nests.

For the next few weeks they will be observed by the monitoring team to be sure they are behaving like wild orangutans and successfully released.

Releasing orangutans back into the wild is not only important for the three orangutans, but also for the survival of the orangutan species.

Watch the short video here:

Video provided by the Sintang Orang Utan Center