Sticky lap!

On orangutans daily rehabilitation process, some funny moments appear regarding the behaviour of orangutans towards something they affraid of.

At forest school especially in no/less fruit season, we give additional fruit for orangutans. One day when the caretakers gave additional fruit at feeding platform and one of the fruit was jackfruit, mamat ate the jackfruit without holding it. At another occasion, when Mamat stayed in the overnight enclosure, caretakers gave the orangutans another jackfruit and Mamat did the same to eat it. It seems Mamat hates with the sticky jackfruit sap and wants to keep his hands clean from it.

Text provided by Sintang Orangutan Center, ®


Yummy shoots

In the wild, orangutans need to have great dieatry skills to survive and grow. They have learned to know and search edible food since they are babies from their mother till they are capable to get it on their own. Of course it takes a very long time to master all of these skills. In SOC, we provide the orangutans the forest school to them so they can learn all the forestry skills needed till they are good enough and ready to be released.

One day when Mamat was exploring the forest floor alone, he then found a young rattan tree. He decided to stop and sat down near that thorny tree. After a short observation, he then started to

bite the stem of the rattan in order to pull out getting the tuber because by biting the stem, he will not get wounded by the thorns. After he got the stem, he then peeled the stem carefully to get the shoot of the rattan and eat it.

It is important to orangutans to know how to get the tuber of rattan without getting any injuries by the thorns and Mamat knows how to deal with that thorny rattan.