February 2019

Seeking attention!

Yes, Amory is one of the orangutans at SOC who likes seeking the caretakers’ attention, especially the woman caretakers! When cleaning the enclosures every morning, Amory likes to poke the caretakers and he also likes to be carried piggyback by them.

During his quarantine phase, Amory has already shown great improvement. He can make simple sleeping nests by collecting the leaves in the hammock every afternoon. His diet has totally changed from a human diet to an orangutan diet. His social behaviour with the other orangutans, especially with Hope, is also very good as both of them are the same age and are staying in one quarantine enclosure. ®text and picture provided by Masarang.hk and Sintang Orangutan Center

Nesting skills

Amory, a little boy who was rescued in the middle of July, right now is still on his quarantine period on SOC. On early September, we did a medical screening on 6 orangutans including him. Even during his quarantine period, the caretakers give their best to take care of him. When we gave him leaves, he took and collect the leaves to make a simple night nests on hammock. It is great to know he can make his own nest compared with the other new rescued orangutans at SOC. Soon after we receive the result of his health, he and the other 4 orangutans will be introduced to his peers.

Text and picture provided by Sintang Orangutan Center ®www.soc.or.id