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Why "Mamat Orang Utan Help"?

A few years ago I had the chance to meet Dr. Willie Smits at one of his lectures in Vienna, Austria. Since that evening and even long time before that I was passionated aobut great apes, in especially Orang Utans. What I learned on that evening about palm oil and its impact on our environment as well as the indigenous people and the animals in the rainforests of Indonesia changed a lot in my life.


I´m convinced that every single person can make a difference. Every little action counts.  

So my part in this is the support of an orangutan rescue and rehabilitation center in Sintang, Borneo. It is called Sintang Orangutan Center.


Sintang is located in the southwestern part of Borneo. The center rehabilitates Orang Utans who had been held as pets, or are orphaned because their mothers have been killed by poachers, or had been confiscated by the Forest Ministery of Borneo. It takes years and years to get the animals back into an area called Tembak where they can improve their climbing skills as well as building nests and get to know all different kinds of leaves and branches. Before that they of course also get social contacts to other Orang Utans. They are very social and this is essential for them as well.


What our club now does in special, is to support this center with donations. It is not possible and somehow also restricted to send medical instruments or medicine by mail to Borneo. So the best way to help is to transfer money directly to the management of the center. Money is needed for several things. You can find a detailed list under the "Donation" button. And also important to know: there are more and more Orang Utans coming to Sintang, therefore the cages get filled quickly. And Sintang needs to build new ones as a result. So, money is the best way to support them. 


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